Once the competition has closed all the entries will be posted on our website. This will include your name and ticket number; these will be used in the live draw to pick the winner.

We will use Googles number generator to choose the winner. We will announce the winning ticket number and the winners name. This will be done live on Facebook to make sure the whole process is fair and transparent.

You can enter each competition a maximum of 10 times.
Each competition will display a countdown timer to when the competition closes. If we do sell out before hand, we will notify you the competition is sold out and you will not be able to enter.
if the competition does not sell out we may add more time in order for the tickets to sell on the competition. This will happen a maximum two times. If the competition is still not sold out a cash alternative will be awarded.
Your prize will be delievered by x competitions within 7 days of the winner being announced.
The price of the ticket will depend on each competition. Each competition will clearly display the price per ticket.
Once the winner is selected we will contact them via the details provided immediately. If the winner does not respond within 14 days, they will then be disqualified.
Each competition will state whether it is eligible for a cash alternative. If a competition is eligible, the cash alternative will be 70% of the tickets sold in that particular competition.
The draw for each competition will be stated on the entry page of each competition. We will also announce when the draw will take place on our website and Facebook.